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Thursday, 6 March 2014

What's This All About?

Rob The Electorate Then Fund Your Party.

He seems to now wish to buy himself an "official" place at Labours' inner table. This is a story with huge and significant consequence. All the rantings of the past about "cash for access" is but one element of what, at face value, looks a rotten piece of opportunism.

One wonders how much Unite's control over candidate selection and efforts to take over this ghastly Party of the idiotic, hypocritical, very nasty socialist, crypto Marxist bunch. If McClusky and his fellow union barons weren't as fond of the high life as Tony Bliar, one might assume halving Unite's automatic largess of its members forced contributions was a good move.

However it now appears Tone might fancy a bidding war for control of what they all are convinced is the next EUSSR UK provincial government. Such control would give them a free hand to complete the handover of any remnants of self determination, democracy and for icing on the cake the surrender of the pound.

The latter move would naturally be done to give euro membership of the British economy favourable spin offs for all those in the know. A lot of gold and dollar exchanges would be done in what would be insider trading of oligarch billions for all able to be part of the last big rip off of the Nation prior to total subjugation.

So for the Union Barons, as well as the Labour traitors to the cause of democracy and decency, the stakes are enormous. Nothing less than access to billions of dollars in return for handing a compliant, meek and defeated Nation to the cause of Common Purpose and global Government.  

No wonder Putin and Russia are being demonised. Despot, ex KGB or not, he stands squarely against these forces battling for their standard bearers in the guise of Ed the Red's lieutenants. Of course it is no ideological battle. Its naked greed and ambition. We, dear citizen, are but cannon fodder. It s just a bit less bloody than when a military struggle. For the time being that is.

Afterall, Tone is well practised in coping with bloodshed on behalf of his ambition. In that respect he may have the edge on the Union thugs, who still remain somewhat novices, when the real killing kicks off. For that's going to be how this mess will eventually evolve. 

Mind you Tone slugging it out in the auction room, selling off Ed's Labour Club to the highest bidder could be good popcorn sales material. Time will tell. Now where are my old Russian and  German phrase books? For that matter, where's The USA gone? Waiting to decide which horse to back? Again.

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