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Monday, 17 March 2014

Urine Taking Hypocrisy.

You Choose.

The pygmies squeak their banality. I thought I'd let pictures do some talking!

First off  let's peek at what is regarded as acceptable and legal as far as Common Purpose and The UN seem to sanction comfortably. That is the peaceful and lawful Kiev violence. The overthrow of an elected Government which refused to tow the EUSSR line.

Shades of Winnie Mandela there.

Well organised or what?

Now let's peek at the terrible violence and nastiness hated and loathed by our dearest and brilliant leaders such as the unelected daughter of Snot Box Brown, Baroness (for God's sake) Ashton. Warning, these pictures contain graphic images of democracy and carry an EUSSR health warning!

This last picture is particularly disturbing for Common Purpose. Happy, smiling faces embracing that offensive and hated human behaviour, where a significant majority, in a cruel and terrible outburst of common sense, hold sway over a tiny minority of their fellows. It used to be known as democracy and two world wars were fought in its name. 

Now its cause for sabre rattling and economic suicide, followed by another world war. Only this time the Western pillocks will have forfeited every last inch of moral high ground. Thanks boys and girls. Now the gorgeous Lady Ashton can go find the missing airliner. Such a busy, accomplished and brilliant woman. I'm surprised she's not done that already. Or is Billy Vague to claim that success next?


  1. The nasties made a sad miscalculation this time and lost part of their country - the strategic part. Thanks US and EU.

  2. One of your best Rightie.

    The bastards won't be happy till they've painted themselves into another corner, and send other peoples children to fight it out and die, whilst they sit back reaping the cash.