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Friday, 7 March 2014

The Delusion Of Europe.

An Island Of Stability?

It's not an Island but a Continent. As for stability, its more a land mass of total delusion. One currency which barely fits the German economy. Let alone Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Portugal and probably the socialist wasteland economy of france. If that's Draghi's idea of stability we really are ruled by fools. Quelle surprise.

Does this pretence apply only to this joke of a currency or is he also telling us the whole federal creeping destruction of nations is an "island of stability"? This overdone, overblown propaganda ploy from the Goebbels's manual, that if you say something often enough, it will become accepted as truth.

Language such as that used to demonise Putin and claim the moral high ground in Kiev but ignore an identical popular movement and sentiment in the East. If it were not so nasty, spiteful and hypocritical, it would be hilarious. What a crowd of ghastly manipulators. Your futures really aren't secure in these hands, they really aren't.  

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