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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Reverse Colonisation.

Once Upon A Time.

The sins of the fathers, with their misguided passion to rule the world, colonised many parts of the globe. Of all those incursions North America was the most dominant in terms of numbers "exported". As a result the indigenous North American Indians were all but ethnically cleansed, their lands stolen and their lives confined to "reservations". They are held there to this very day, with the use of a chemical cosh in the form of alcohol.

Now this is all going into reverse. The USA model worshipped by those who would rule the Planet we call Earth. Thus in Europe in particular the ancestors of the founding fathers are now hell bent and well advanced with their plans to emulate the American "way". Mass immigration, with attractive life styles beyond the dreams of those from poorer lands, is the lure and bait. Very successful it has been.

As the UK alone surrenders its Capital, its major cities and large towns, the ethnic dilution gathers pace. Why the resistance is so poor is beyond me. I guess part of the meek acceptance lies in the propaganda aided and abetted by the withdrawal of decent education from the masses. Add to these false and socially engineered actions the PTB and Common Purpose requirements for a submissive and controlled population world wide and the model begins to be seen clearly.

This "model" is devoid of all allegiances other than to slavish adherence to Big Brother. Orwell got it all so right with one exception. The implementation has long ensured we have no Winstons to rock the boat. Our western European masters appear to have quietly lobotomised every member of those once proud, independent and comfortable peoples. In some ways I guess the progress made to a totally subjugated Continent is to be admired. However the misery and slavery round the corner is not so pleasant an eventual outcome. Ask the corralled North American tribes if you don't accept my prognosis.

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  1. The implementation has long ensured we have no Winstons to rock the boat.

    Yes, all factored in and serfdom here we come.