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Monday, 24 March 2014

Putin Relaxes At Home.

Obummer Swans Into His EUSSR Stronghold.

Don't sneer it might be a Vermeer!

"Hours after arriving in the Netherlands for a nuclear summit, Obama held one-on-one talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping. China has often sided with Russia in disputes with the West, but U.S. officials have been appealing to Beijing's well-known opposition to outside interference in other nation's domestic affairs."

It's very hard to follow how much more pathetic and useless our meddling Common Purpose buffoons can go to look so utterly ridiculous and pathetic. As ever, Raedwald sums it up in yet another excellent post. One which adds to the internet resources still available to discuss what passes as affairs of State but which are now accompanied by millions of shouts about  their nakedness!

My only change to the anecdote would be to Western Presidents, aka Obummer, Rompuy, Barroso and the rest of their entourage of fools having no clothes when examined by the internet observers. As for Vlad, resplendent in national pride and democratically elected finery. That endorsed by the people of Crimea.

As for the extract above, taken from here, it goes on to more breathtaking heights of hypocrisy. Following on from "opposition to outside interference in other nations' domestic affairs" he spins his naked hypocrisy like a courtesan, oblivious to the aged immorality of his own Country's interference in every Nation in the world. If only forcing McDonald's' poisonous diet on them! Let alone drone strikes and a legion of Kiev style undermining by a CIA now fully employed in doing the bidding of Common Purpose.

All in all its very unsavoury, dangerous and stupid. That our erstwhile leaders are so blind to their ridiculous posturing is possibly the worst aspect of all. I'm off into the garden. More sense to be found in a weed than any of our lot!

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  1. Rembrandt? "The Nightwatch"? Around this time it was the Spanish Empire. What happened to that?