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Monday, 10 March 2014

Propaganda Wars.

Generally Our Future Looks Very Bleak.

EU democracy in action.

There's hardly a day goes by we aren't reminded of the pettiness and inadequacy of our erstwhile leaders. Obummer appears to lack any idea which banker, corporate billionaire or favourite donor to suck up to next. 

Then we have the puppets at Westminster. What a shower. Happy to play their part in the bebacle over the meddling in Ukraine, their strutting bantam acts over Syria. Then we have all the other failed interventions. Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and so many more.
ALL the time this pompous puff and huff goes on, the smug "we know stuff you don't know" hubris is unabated.

Yet this lot, their fingers on nuclear buttons, can't even keep our roads in good nick. Can fund wars but not hospitals. Are pathetic at looking after our vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Then we have their obsession with cultivating minorities. Not least the belief they can use Islamic fundamentalists to dilute other societies. The reality of this poor judgement is the importation of thousands of people openly dedicated to colonising their host lands. Happy to use the most brutal methods necessary.

Our Eton dominated, rather than meritorious suitability, Cabinet, seem to feel they are above the lethal consequences of their weak and cosy network. As for the rest of Westminster Lord help us. Packed with pink and wealthy socialists, their credentials make the children from Eton positively wonderful.

I could go on. I could drag in that ghastly outfit, the BBC. I could mention the pathetic pronouncements from The Malaysian Government over the missing B777. Yet another example of subterfuge and censorship for some nefarious reason.  I could touch on Camoron's rather Etonian like crush on his hero Bliar. The list is endless. No wonder it's easy to admire Vlad Putin.

Still, the weekend UK weather looks grand again tomorrow. Our storm damage is getting repaired and here in The Marches we are still much as we were decades ago. Happy! Long may it continue!


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