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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Political Delusion.

Is It Worse Now Than Years Ago?

Time not only heals it brings about forgetfulness. I was among many who sought revenge on those who perpetrated the 9/11 atrocity. I was rooting for the "shock and awe" against Saddam and even had a brief sense of righteous justice over Afghanistan.

However, I believe to this day the response was wrong. Firstly I began to realise that much of the reaction was expected by the terrorists and their real goal was to reduce the economic power of The West. Alongside that the same people had a powerful eye on the very strong feeling against Islamic forces in their midst to be found in Russia and their old enclaves.

Putin warned, over many years, how the constant appeasement of endemic Muslim peoples,' roaming the globe in pursuit of dominance, was a major problem. On their own doorstep Russia watched the US inspired expansionism of the EU begin to embrace Islamism as a way to exploit territorial ambition eastwards.

So is it possible to observe the unnecessary deterioration in East-West relationships another intended, or otherwise, result of a deluded response to 9/11? Whether this be true or not, it does seem the Muslim pursuit of a world dominated by Islam mirrors the identical desire for a supranational government of Common Purpose.

Both of the protagonists do revel in their belief this can come about. I suggest that China and Russia, to name two, let alone other emerging Nations may well be more realistic. They remain more aware of history and human nature than any of the present day Western politicians and their alliances.

This leads me to believe that present day western politics is much more delusional than even Chamberlain was guilty of. Many believed his heart was in the right place, at least. Can that be said of Obummer and his EU friends signed up to Common Purpose? I doubt it.

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  1. One of my cohorts said something to me many years ago, and i never ever accept anything i'm told until its been through my old mate's metaphorical sifter.

    He said 'never let a rich person tell you who your enemy is'.

    That could equally apply to the rick persons very own media (bought, paid for).

    When the media and other stooges, such as politicians, point the finger, its always best to step back and think.