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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

MH370 And Conspiracies.

Try This Out.

The US authorities know pretty well where the Boeing went down. Still a vast area. However, firstly manufacturers may well have planted tracking devices on all aircraft after 9/11. Secondly only a few people know that. Furthermore military radar in the area may well have tracked it accurately but the quality and capability of these systems is top secret. That or they're so crap as to need to keep that secret also.

Then there remains satellite tracking capabilities. We are led to believe they spot terrorists in mud huts in Afghanistan but can't track a circa 300 metric ton aircraft? There is something not right about the US silence on this whole episode. Why nothing from Boeing? Why the contradictory press conferences daily? 

My guess is their will be a Eureka moment in the Western Indian Ocean, when the obfuscation is seen to have been successful. The Americans will claim great credibility for finding wreckage and thereafter recovering the flight recorders. If Boeing can then avoid any manufacturer liability, even better. That plus the either superb, or otherwise woeful, defense and other systems will also be forgotten.

Then the US authorities can get back to destabilising the Ukraine and messing with Vladimir's efforts to defend his corner of the globe from Common Purpose hijack! High fives at the CIA and White House?

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  1. Very cynical, but I think you are on the money. BOEING have had many problems with their dreamlinern, issues with the 777 would be further embarrassment.