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Sunday, 16 March 2014

I Call This Democracy.

Crimea's Folk Get A Say.

How nice to see people actually getting a say. The muppets in the West seem incapable of understanding this national fervour and loyalty. Since the muppets in the West are hell bent on world domination without identities getting in the way, it seems their blinkered views are too be followed all the way to a third world war. 

How ill we are served by these children. With their plaything minorities of ethnic and Muslim brotherhoods, pet causes to distract, such as "human rights", as long as Gitmo isn't mentioned, the state of our feckless, abandoned societies continue the decline.

To witness the likes of Hague, Ashton and the out of his depth Obummer making threats to Russia, whilst their own inadequacies and intervention history stays smelly and hypocritical is not pleasant. In Putin we see a man hell bent on protecting his own Country's identity and self determination. Something the unelected despots in Brussels just cannot understand. Such is their ignorance they cannot conceive of anything but their own importance and dogmatic desire to enslave millions to their immature will.

Go, Vlad and make fools of them all, as you are so well doing as it is.

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