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Sunday, 23 March 2014

How Sad.


Often we are required to contemplate the future of our Country. Sadly such reflections are coloured by despair and heartache for a land and Island sacrificed to the hubris of idiots and charlatans. All that talk and hot air about hard working people. We have become a Nation of economic and cultural idiocy in which more people seek dominance and subjugation, over the endemic peoples, like never before. A dominance in which the feckless and blatantly ignorant immigrant hordes are lauded for their pathetic and inescapable inadequacies.

This isn't racism, it's fact. Just look at this multicultural wasteland of ghettos and our modern cultural nastiness. Did anyone with a brain cell think this was nothing but an Afro-Caribbean scenario? Where young white girls' abuse is featured, it's Asian misogynists. If drug related, feral gang culture they're blacks, in the main. 

We've imported this in spades. Pun not intended. Virtually every immigrant since the Indian Raj bought up our slums and packed them with their own "untouchables", as they call the bottom of the pile, our mass immigration has been engineered to provide cheap and less able workers. Once it was to dilute the angry returning soldiers from a second major world war, then as gerrymander fodder. Either way it is and has been and remains an ever horrendous nightmare.

So when I came across this my heart was saddened but resigned. There is still a place on Earth free of the US and EUSSR's ghastly and patient engineering to create a global government. Add the Chinese uncommitted sign up, Vladimir's robust "niet", via Crimea and we begin to see hope that  Common Purpose may yet fail. Only time will tell but at least those young, clever and sensible enough, still have a safe haven. I wish them well.

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