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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Globalised Futility.

How Not To Save The World.

100 years on from the year World War two began, the dream of human co-existence, in total harmony, remains elusive. I suggest this is because the instinctive need to belong to something in which protection and mutual support is achievable remains a tribal and significant part of human psyche.

If I am correct it might be possible to survey the present day with some degree of understanding that a global government, dominated by a few enormously rich and powerful, is impossible to create let alone enforce. No matter the weaponry of commerce or military might, some Nations will possess present and future resources coveted by those without.

In these times energy is a driving force. One which has seen Middle Eastern potentates become a force to be reckoned with and families such as the Saudi Royal dynasty hold great sway over, not only their own people but Western Nations' insatiable need for oil.

However this power has been trumped by the nuclear arsenals of The West until recently. Proliferation coupled with financial clout now collide. Banking conglomerates remain seemingly untouchable and the fabric of world trade vulnerable.

The crash of 2007 and now the Russian need to fend off Islamic obsessions for dominance all conspire to marginalise other tribal considerations. Add the racial and ethnic differences we return to the primeval drives still in control of human behaviour and indeed destiny. 

However we dress up globalisation as a desirable goal and pretend all our interests should be entwined the less likely it is to happen. I for one consider Putin's and his prioritisation of his own Nation's interests a desirable trait in a leader. Whatever the future, tribal will always trump mongrel passion. Ask the Sunni and Shiite Muslim adversaries about that centuries old conflict.

So it might also be well advised to look at the Ukraine with these spectacles and consider here that the Eastern enclaves allegiances have as much efficacy as those to the Western influenced provinces. Furthermore I would consider a United Ukrainian State a superior solution to their becoming a tattered, provincial, destitute, outpost of a Common Purpose run, undemocratic EUSSR. Here I would offer up Greece as an example of a Ukraine subject to the will of Brussels  and their controllers in Berlin.

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