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Monday, 3 March 2014


When An Agenda Implodes.

I have been comparing RT coverage of the situation in Ukraine with that of Sky and the BBC Pravda like presentations. An incredible set of comparisons. Among these observations have been the attempted demonisation of Putin, therefore Russia per se. Also the slavish EUSSR adherence to that quarter's somewhat amateurish, albeit very expensive  propaganda. 

We have our home grown broadcasters salivating over the wretched play actors' awards, their obscenely priced promotional frocks and the whole panoply of window licking, empty headed, inconsequential fodder for the empty headed, ill educated Eloys of the West. Meanwhile beautiful, intensely intelligent and well educated young women, all of a certain ethnic origin reflecting a majority population, question earnestly the real and more critical elements of the World today. 

Not for these producers the populist and brainless infatuation with the banal but rather a continued effort to make sense of Syria, Islamic terrorism and the relationship between differing opinions and ideology. Of course, with some efficacy they do believe their audience is as well educated as themselves. I see little in "modern" Britain to suggest our brain dead could cope with any semblance of truthful journalism or decent politicians.

Back to the unfolding events. If we look at the picture above we see the Russian colours far more dominant than the Ukrainian or that wretched EUSSR rag being unfurled. Ironic the platitudinous muck spouted by that ghastly EUSSR mouthpiece, Ashton about "self determination" doesn't seem to be relevant to the minority of Russian leaning people in the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. That good old selective morality of our Government in Brussels and their Berlin dominated, in reality, titular head, "no more European war" Merkel!

I see a very similar and badly flawed aspect in Ukraine to that of Syria. A hoped for, pro EUSSR regime change, not wanted by Russia, is given an unjustifiably high priority. Our secretive crowd throw spooks, special forces, money we can't afford and heaven knows what else to effect institutional carnage in the name of Western dominated "free trade" and joke of all jokes, democracy.

It's as if the EUSSR, having put together an average and very amateur sports team seek to convince all and sundry they will be world champions. Then they try to bad mouth a Renaldo like star, Putin, to put him off his game. Bad move. He's got his people, in the main, behind him and probably two big political goals scored in his Syrian and now Ukrainian approaches.

Suddenly the premature goal celebration, by the stunningly beautiful Baroness looks rather silly as it is not only ruled offside, the whole EUSSR front line of pygmies gets sent off. In a flash NATO becomes the buzz word for substitution of the EUSSR. A fact lamented by the USA's hermit President, Obama.

Now our White House Islamic poodle has been forced to the front, ahead of his hoped for EUSSR shield. Now that's also an issue. His swaggering air of superiority over Vladimir, hardly kept hidden, as with much of American recent poor governance under Obummer, has not come at a very good time. For the life of me what on earth were White House advisers thinking in allowing this attitude to prevail? Very childish, petulant and enormously dangerous.

Yet nothing of all these background circumstances is allowed to be mentioned on our propaganda machinery. Lavrov made an excellent speech this morning. One of maturity and quiet sense and intelligence. He has highlighted how the human rights and lives of Crimean peoples, minorities or otherwise, deserve protection. 

The number of defectors to provincial interests also gives a glimpse into the future of a Federal Europe. Suddenly EUSSR and Ukrainian symbols in the form of flags, are replaced by Russian allegiance to the deep seated core of need for a Motherland. A fact called small minded by the socialist EUSSR apologists.

The hypocrisy of the West, over Russian moves on the Crimean Peninsula, are indeed "hype and hypocrisy" dubious  as presently being stated from Russia and reported by RT. Unlike our lot, promoting the brilliance and charisma of Hague, John Kerry let alone the stunning Baroness Ashton is some contrast. 

The fairness, even if biased at times, shown by RT is most refreshing. I suspect this arises from the educational excellence of the backgrounds of these reporters and the conviction their approach will undergo intense examination from viewers wanting the facts. Not the pompous, know all smugness our "celebrity" overpaid, paid to fib lot happily churn out in America and Western Europe.

Now we learn this new Kiev bunch have placed into governorships billionaire oligarchs and undoubtedly CIA and/or EU funded agitators. A guy wanted by Interpol has also entered the fray hand held out for further gigantic riches. Thus this ever present gangster system which bailed out Western Banks in the past. Watch here. All very familiar this very day.

Our headless chickens are racing around in panic as their roosts are threatened and they have nowhere to go, trapped in pens of their own choice. All without any bolt holes! Bantam cock Hague to the fore.

If we add the quiet and inscrutable Chinese element to the background of Putin's close relationship with the potential market and military might such a partnership offers, why would he allow EU and US global expansionism go unchecked. Especially when The West, in an appeasement and promotion of Islamic interests, believed Middle Eastern oil wealth, by definition Islamic, would always dominate global financial needs.   

As the Chinese would say, we live in interesting times. We in the West are very badly served in these days and months. Just as we were prior to the crash of 2007. Popcorn sales back in overdrive!

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  1. Excellent post Rightie.

    I've enjoyed much of RT's output in the past too.

    In a class apart from the dreary repetitive dogma pushed by our established media.

    As one of my friends is fond of saying, don't let rich and influencial people tell you who your enemies are.

    Putin's a major thorn in the side of the American led globalists, carry on i say.