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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

EUSSR Excitement!

EU Wide Sweeny Todds Rubbing Their Hands.

Since our gauleiters in Brussels and Washington seek the same powers peculiar to this delightful and valuable member of the human race, indeed a Messiah to our unelected in European affairs, they must be already drafting another of their endless directives. So I thought I might pose which of the styles would be preferred for us all to match our boiler suits to.

First, for the women, in the style of Grace Kelly, perhaps?

For we chaps it's a no brainer and must be the Clooney look alike, dashing persona of...............

I suppose, like Kim, they feel that if such a universal style were common place it might one day become seen as attractive and desirable. Since everything in their world is delusional nastiness, it is reasonable to understand their logic. That is to say there is none! Off to the barbers, all of you. The wart is optional

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