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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

CoOp Burial For Saint Bob.

Thoughts On The Loss Of A Champagne Commie.

The BBC rejected calls from Red Ed not to push the sainthood credentials of the desperately missed benefactor of wealthy subsidised housing occupants. Within minutes of the news of this young, healthy, living example of the fitness a meek and decent lifestyle offers but was still was taken by fate cruelly and so unfairly, the leftie sobbing emanating from the State Broadcaster was harrowing in the extreme in its grief.

Nothing was allowed to impose on the genuine and passionately felt loss. No snide comments or footage such as followed the scenes and nastiness of the commie foot soldiers at the loss of a Lady a million times more worthy than Bob the guilder. Nope, the grieving effort to drag Boris into a hoped for blooper also failed. How well the BBC mourns such damage to the Utopian dream of a world subservient and subjugated to the Stalinist pogrom programmes.

Naturally one major issue was inevitable. Did this thicko trougher, at the top table of Union Baron tables of envy, die at the hands of the evil Daily Mail? Naturally his lifestyle was irrelevant. Such a powerful and rich bruiser must surely have lived a life of intelligent moderation and kept himself so fit it must be something more sinister, surely. 

Still, I'm sure his send off will be impeccable. Gigantic floral tributes, a white, saintly carriage and crowds as worshipping as for any major contributor to the joyous state of our Nation today. Bob will have days of eulogising and every worshipped minority cause will find itself temporarily forgotten by their precious BBC propaganda state broadcaster. Even Baroness Lawrence might be off the news for the odd hour.

Still, Bob's gone and we must pretend the world's a much sadder place for such  a loss. I guess Pearly Queens will form a guard of honour and his oh so stylish trademark headgear will be placed atop his white coffin. Farewell dear Baron Bob. So sorry somebody else might now get your subsidised house. Not your old mucker Frank of course. He's OK for the time being.

For the BBC the loss of a well known leftie is so tragic. His hypocrisy dies with him, naturally. Their's lives on!


  1. Seems strange to me that people who thought Crow was a complete cunt whilst he was alive are going out of their way to praise him now he's dead.

    Perhaps it's just me that thinks once a cunt, always a cunt?