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Friday, 28 March 2014

Always Omit Reality.

The Real Reason Our NHS Is A Busted Flush.

Hardly a day goes by without a horror story of some NHS issue to highlight the legacy bequeathed by Labours' place men and women. Particularly this nepotist and staunch leftie. Nicholson is a man who epitomises a person promoted to a level fitting their incompetence. Just as we witness in most politicians.

Of all the evidence staring us in our faces, as to the mess and decay of our nation, Labours' mass immigration policy and selfish gerrymandering remains the biggest and most treasonous action in our history. 

Now our very English language is no longer the main one in many schools. We are irrevocably entwined with an EUSSR hell bent on turning us into a carbon copy of the US but with a predominantly Islamic flavour and misogyny.

Our NHS is now a method by which Common Purpose bribe and attract the world's flotsam and jetsam to add to the hordes of economic scavengers from the hell holes of Eastern European, poverty stricken countries. For some reason I cannot fathom, this constant overwhelming of our infrastructure and the diminishing of our weak and vulnerable is deemed a worthy enterprise.

An enterprise now causing the rejection of medical treatment for those regarded as elderly and no longer of use. To rub salt into the wounds ,where possible, those dying for want of care are then stripped of their life's savings and homes and the money diverted to fund the feckless and the imported. 

This from four years ago  and we now have a good many more people demanding attention than back then, with no end in sight. So bear in mind, as the numbers of elderly have the age for rejection reduced, the day will come when it will not just be those deemed too old for help who will be regarded as unworthy of medical assistance. Such is the way with dictators.

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