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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

All Quiet On The EUSSR Western Front.

Or Is It?

Milibad's weak speech gets mass coverage. Bob Crow's demise has been dropped by the UK MSM, for some reason, as fast as the aneurysm that did for him. Red Ed gets lead billing at the expense of any negative matters happening all over Europe.

Greece continues to suffer, as shown in the link, Turkey still burns and still in leftie territory but further afield, Venezuela remains unsettled and violent. Naturally none of this gels with the socialist idea of their dogma being nought but Utopian. Doubtless why it's failings receive so little coverage.

Ukraine does well, still, since the EU propaganda machine is desperately attempting to cover up their ill advised interference as agent provocateurs for the CIA. Moscow's call for investigation may well ruffle feathers in the murky world our leaders now prefer to any decent openness. As for America's billions offered to the oligarch dominated puppets in Kiev, I guess that's straight out of the Karzai bribery handbook.

None of these big issues ever get an airing in the Noddy world of EUSSR and Western media mouthpieces of Common Purpose and global governance ambition. Can't let the slaves of the future get a hint of where they're headed, can we? Especially when there's a minuscule possibility they might show disapproval in May. Unlikely but our Masters are always fond of belt and braces, when it comes to hypocritical nastiness. 

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