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Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Federal EUSSR Empire.

Watch Out There's Amateurs About.

Vlad has really caught them all out. Premier league player versus a team of cretinous morons. So far about 6-0 to Putin. More tomorrow on the "beautiful" game and I don't mean that played by the EUSSR bit players, either. What an unholy mess, with the dead hand of Ashton and the EU lot as competent as the famous Python parrot. Then you have Hague salivating over a butch crisis to lift his profile.  

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  1. Watch out Putin, time to stop all this invasion nonsense. If you don't behave, our fearless unelected leftie ex-treasurer-of CND and totally unqualified arriviste 'Baroness' Ashton will stamp her foot.

    If that doesn't scare you she will send her boss, the human marionette Herman Achille van Rompuy. After an extended meeting with colleagues, and after finding a form of words that will not upset muslims, homosexuals or greens, he will say, in 13 languages, 'Boo'.