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Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Agitators Or Genuine Protest.

This dreadful situation in Kiev has been well and truly hijacked by Brussels. If you doubt this suggestion visit Auntie for her natural bias, as ever. When you then consider the fragrant and elegant Dame Ashton also has a starring role one has to question why this flawed and corrupt, Ukraine Government like, outfit in Brussels has the nerve to play the part of moral crusader.

It is also fascinating how the EUBBC swings between rioters one moment and  protesters the next. A further indication as to how the EUSSR dictators are struggling with this particular propaganda war. Note as well the overwhelming support proffered the Authorities throughout anti EU protests. Particularly the shadowy riot police employed in Athens.

|As for the post heading, some hint of outside meddling is to be suspected. Furthermore we should remember how many of the corrupt and ill gotten gains which were transferred out of the old USSR ended up welcomed in Western European cities. It is always the same where the political classes are concerned. The "what's in it for us" attitude prevails. 

I would urge all sane persons to not take one jot of notice of the EUSSR posturing. Concentrate rather on getting away from this cabal of deeply undemocratic and corrupt federalists. People desperate to destroy National identities in exchange for a compliant and meek, stateless, non entity existence. Ukrainians would do well to be careful what they wish for. A glance to the Middle East ought be a warning.  Particularly where Western intervention has proved so calamitous.

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