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Monday, 17 February 2014

UK And Russia Share Defeat.

Soviet Style Dictatorship And Censorship.

This link offers a reasonable argument as to the present withdrawal from Afghanistan is every bit as much a failure a that of Russia's 25 years ago. It is an outcome that this very ordinary blogger, along with many others, predicted from the beginning. 

First an unimaginably incompetent Government of thick lefties took us into their great Leader's vanity illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Undoubtedly enjoying significant personal benefits from his adventures. Then the Cobbleition of the weak and vacuous took over the nightmare legacy of destitution and enormous debt. Not so bad as to continue further to escalate the financial and human cost of a disastrous and pathetic repeat of history. History barely a decade old and capable of significant advice being available.

Such is the terrible beating the Western Nations have taken, those responsible in the UK have resorted to draconian censorship and repression in one gesture to Soviet methods . Such is the mindset of our ruling class, loss of freedom is more palatable than any admission of their pathetic failure. All very much in the manner of their colleagues and friends in Brussels.

This is of which I blog. A chilling look into how we are governed. This is the way billions of pounds of our borrowed money is spent. Worse still this is the lack of respect shown to those maimed and killed. Once we fought wars ostensibly for freedom. Now we are denied the privilege of democracy and suppressed by the EUSSR tactics to control every bit of our lives. 

I read the full piece yesterday and the betrayal of all that is meant to be freedom and decency is writ large. Forget the ancient labels attached to tribal political party differences in the UK. They are all signed up to a future for which freedom is little more than based on whether you are in the inner circle or not. If not then you  are just an irritant. 

Good for a tax cow and nothing more. The future really is already here. It's not a very nice one and I see little sign of any saviour from a political class utterly devoid of one iota of difference. All of them signed up to something our forefathers thought they were dying for. As did our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. How naive it all now seems. Farewell to arms and freedom.

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