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Monday, 3 February 2014

Supping With Short Spoons.

Consequences Abound!

A fascinating link.  Many visitors to my blog know well Oldrightie is something of a conspiracy fan, at times. One such consideration revolves around the unholy alliances between political, banking, corporate and criminal classes. Indeed my post yesterday touched on the subject of corruption, which is growing exponentially with that of this obsession with globalisation and power for a select few among those dreadful classes. 

I have also posted about the senior banking and political figures happy to take the cartels' ill gotten profits grown from misery and violent drug running activities, coupled with all the other paraphernalia of misery these people deal in. The bankers and politicians "deals" with the gangsters on a global scale, to prop up the equally criminal activities of the bankers themselves, is well documented. 

What I found fascinating and remains is the deluded manner these movers and shakers believed they could retain a degree of integrity, so long as their behaviour remained secret. Furthermore that same delusion was applied to the belief that, as and when short term promissory cartel loans fell due, the same cavalier banking attitudes of ducking and diving with clients' money could be done with their new found friends and bailout buddies.

Now many political figures still consider their tax funded protections squads and armed forces are big enough for they to avoid the possible fate of those bankers suddenly doing a lemming run. Bliar is one such figure, Karzai another but they just two of hundreds. We can lump the EUSSR bankers and their political fellow thieves in this consideration. 

That consideration being the requirement of the cartels to have their loans, plus interest, returned like yesterday. Yet if the clowns who have used these funds to further their own survival or that of their institutions, the wherewithal to repay promised monies gets rather tough. Meanwhile the funding to underpin the global crime businesses remains exceptionally large, hence the urgent desire to have their status quo back to normal.

So is this connection relative to the rash of suicides in the upper echelons of those who brokered these deals back in 2007-8? If they were five year "notes" and are still outstanding, is it not feasible examples have to be made? Or are being made? Whatever the facts, it still remains these funds were used back then. Austerity, especially in the eurozone remains tough and sparse in recovery shoots. 

So how is this laundered or borrowed money to be repaid? Perhaps in blood and a few important vials thereof, as a warning to those still playing hard ball with professional killers. People for whom vengeance is a commodity every bit as money and wealth. There may well be many more suicidal headlines ere long. If so, I for one hope they go a great deal further up the caviar food chain. Maybe even political figures. Time will tell but a handful of executives and political fixers need to lose some of their deluded sense of invincibility.

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