Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Socialism Marches On.

Crass And Pathetic.

Whenever such as these two creatures of the left, you just know they are, spout on about how we should all live our lives, my heart sinks. Their politics, if nothing else, are ugly, demented, hectoring and often downright unpleasant. Both women are appended to spouses you would be hard pressed to like under any circumstances. Such is the manner socialist dogma infects our lives. Stalinists and control freaks.

So when they mess up big time it really is hard not to suppress a smile. However such is their insidious effect on all our lives any amusement is quickly gone. Raedwald asks if the Baroness is mad. I suggest they all are who defy natural selection and preach "fairness" whilst in their own lives play nepotism and nastiness against all and sundry. Let alone tacitly give succour to the dubious and hateful.

We really are blessed to have such beautiful characters at the forefront of our political classes, are we not?

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