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Friday, 28 February 2014


UKIP In The Spotlight.

Despite a significant and probably EUSSR financed campaign against UKIP the coverage continues. Today's Spring conference opening period has seen UKIP getting good coverage. A significant increase from the last EU (joke) Parliamentary elections. If and it's a big if, parties similar to UKIP and certainly anti-federalist in sentiment, gain a large cache of seats we may well see some changes over the then new term. 

Despite that possibility it has to be remembered that these sittings are little more than a facade behind which the unelected Commissioners, who few can name, wield their power.  However I remain pleased with the coverage of UKIP today. Farage does come across as less than perfect but given the manner the other lot of misfits, from the other parties, have their armies of sycophants and ego masseurs, is that such a bad thing?

As for Stitch-head Andrew Neil, his smug superiority was neatly skewered by a charming woman from UKIP this lunchtime. Ms Evans, after a somewhat dismissive attitude from our Stitch-head, was roundly praised by another delightful woman, Isabel Oakeshott. The interview is here some 18 minutes in. All in all it was a good few minutes all round for UKIP and anyone hacked off with the usual prepackaged drivel from others.

This refreshing tone was later provided by Farage himself. Not least illustrating his remark that "The UK has become unrecognisable in places" with a direct anecdotal description so readily never used by the tripartite of clones who make up the robotic DaveNickEd presentations we have come to expect, over decades of being bored witless by such types. A couple of hundred of these types, the UKIP figures, seen today would be just wonderful.

By that I mean the sheer sea change we would undergo as the Left retreat to an Independent Socialist State of Scotland and soon to be EUSSR minor outpost. Just as the Tories suddenly discover their Camoron touchy-feely brand of PR, disguising a brutal treachery of EU support behind the scenes, is cast off by supporters, once confident in the just and sensible core, of conservative self-reliance before Big State meddling. 

I suppose I'm daydreaming. The same old compliant UK rump of an electorate will turn a blind eye to postal and other electoral fraud. They'll shuffle obediently into a future already mapped our as a Utopian Socialist EUSSR. Not once will the dumbed down product of our State School failure, from decades under Labour mind bending brain washing manipulation of young minds. Intellects, where they might exist, swamped with a celebrity culture of mediocrity. 

A mediocrity replicated by the new world order directed from Brussels. A world where only a rarified elite carry on enjoying being alive, private jets and opulent living, as the rest toil to justify their existence. Anyone who believes this can't happen need look no further than China or even Zimbabwe for that matter. Of course a further prime example of the future we face is with us today. An obedient and indoctrinated force for suppression, I would suggest! Just imagine a whole army of Harriet Harpersons telling you what to think and do, or else be fed to the dogs. Have a good weekend.


  1. UKIP would do so much better of they got rid of Neil Hamilton

  2. Apparently the SNP are offering open house to African gays unwelcome at home. Could someone kindly explain to them that for every one real gay you might have fifty or more saying they are gay for entry?