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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Pots And Kettles.

Such Superior But Deluded Sense Of Moral Superiority.

Violent protest and the overthrow of an elected president is lauded by our own Establishment and its EUSSR Central Commissariat. How differently the UK protests were handled. At the same time we have a propaganda machine in full flow against another, albeit more popular, President Putin. This man has a book to flog so his two page tirade is timely for his own sales drive.

Meanwhile our own leftie idiots, who refuse to answer questions as to their past links to paedophile activists, are allowed by our own affiliates to go unchallenged. Whilst our own illegal interventions on a global scale are always preceded by this superior sense of moral righteousness, promulgated at length by a compliant media anxious to dine at Chequers. The same bunch who once feted Saddam Hussein and Tone the profiteer dining companion of Gaddafi.

A media happy to support our home grown despots and mad men such as Cyclops Gordon and his coterie of ghastly incompetents. Yet when there is a scenario unfolding such as Syria or The Ukraine, our lot posture their inadequate strutting regardless of any truths or otherwise of our own activities.

I suppose these attacks on Russia and Putin are really just pique at the manner Russia rapidly recovered much of the strength, militarily and economically, it possessed as the USSR. Then we have the potential outing a mincing bunch of "celebs" anxiety their pathetic insouciances might be exposed, being replicated in the nervousness of possible exposure, belonging to the puerile weaknesses of character of our political children, could be made public by the likes of Snowden or Assange.

We might also ponder on this Rebekah Brooks trial and the Murdoch Empire's assault by those fearful of exposure. That, in the probably libellous words of Lucas in his attacks on Putin , our PTB are more nervous of that which their secrets contain being exposed, far more than any compromising of other unnecessary subterfuges or National interests.

The situation in Ukraine is as if our incumbent Government was violently thrown over by the Opposition. One which, by any stretch of the imagination, is not a majority of the citizens. Sometimes this is referred to as anarchy, at other times freedom fighting. Both still have, as a blood relative, terror. Interesting times indeed!


  1. Briefly perusing over the recent political history of the Ukraine, they really do not have much of a choice when it comes to leaders. I know we cannot say that we are blessed in this department ourselves but, at least there is a semblance of civility amongst our lot - just !

    Ukrainian leaders are really a filthy bunch, and I do hope that we do not get involved in this, as I think some are deliberately goading the Russian Bear into action. And this will not end well.

    The EU is getting more and more bellicose. They are coming out of the shadows of the Member States and taking centre stage. The things is, at some point in the future, you just know they are going to fluff their lines.

  2. Thank you Mr Morden. Your comment is heavily supported by this post this Monday morning.