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Monday, 10 February 2014

No Sign Of Storms Or Row Abating.

EUSSR MSM Delusion.

I heard this piece of cretinous quangocrat ranting this morning. Mincing round the BBC studios like any other BBC savvy Labour politician. The irony was his abject memory loss as to the fact he is nothing more than a politician himself. Ergo as culpable as the rest. As the unseemly mud slinging, pun intended, goes on, the desire to ensure the EU fails to get the "credit", in reality, blame, for the Somerset levels woes  and nightmare scenarios. We can be sure Smith of HIV affliction will be waving his blue and gold traitors' flag for all his minuscule worth.

However one Nation able to give two fingers to the bullies of Brussels is Switzerland. In, naturally unreported set back for the Despots, an important vote against the EUSSR was won. Also most interesting is at least one Parliamentarian is aware of the nasty side of our new masters manipulated from Berlin, surprise, surprise. This guy really does "get it" more than virtually any other. Sadly, this is beginning to include Farage.

There is also a looming debt issue about to burst open as the EUSSR corruption plagued coffers begin to look more and more empty. I suggest this lies behind some of the threats and bullying of The Swiss. What an unmitigated mess. Most of it, from energy policy to environmental ignorance, The EUSSR stumbles ever closer to the edge of a sink hole precipice. More popcorn, darling?


  1. It is depressing listening to the BBC radio 4 news.Parliament have been busying themselves with smoking in cars with children. Diesel exhaust is more dangerous, what will they do about the increase in use of this very dirty fuel?
    Another attack on drinkers of alcoholic drinks and the cost to the NHS for treatment of the same. No balance as to the revenue generated by the tax on alcohol.
    No mention whatever of UN or EU involvement in forming the policies of the EA regarding wetlands and areas prone to flooding. The EA actually had an increased budget last year and ended with a surplus! They appear to have made little effort to use the taxpayer funded income to improve the lot of the said taxpayers.
    We seem to pay more in tax and get a poorer service each and every year.

  2. "Smith of HIV affliction"?!! What has this got to do with it?

  3. Anon, my suggestion is that this guy is not fit for the arduous tasks he takes on as "Chairman" of a large number of organisations. You obviously regard medical conditions as irrelevant.

  4. You may be right, Sir - you are an expert at selecting every negative possibility after all.

  5. You don't have to visit, Anon. As for negativity, the state of our human presence does offer positivity at times. Then smart arse politicians ensure that it is quickly negated.

  6. Thank you for your kind dispensation - I of course thought I was obliged to visit!