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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Nature Wreaking Its Habitual Havoc!

Mankind And Its Helpless Response!

Were this image to begin to become a reality we would possibly see and hear a reaction from the London chatterati as to where blame really is an issue. The EUSSR. For more intellectually accomplished and expertly researched detail visit here.

If the effort and money poured into "climate change" delusion had been spent on more sensible matters, not least what if we had months of torrential rain and storms how best to manage and minimise the outcomes, the  more the present mess might have been better handled. Furthermore, we are now seeing why a given land mass cannot willy nilly sustain ever more vast population surges and the mass import of human beings. For that blame game look no further than those who did most to make it happen.

Now the idiots in charge of the mad house trade insults as to who can build the most housing and new city size conurbations. These people salivate over the head on collisions with nature and blatantly further their stupidity whilst preaching environmental suicide for our very existence. 

As for climate change, sure it happens constantly. Yet the power of nature, our solar system and our minor planetary status are still more powerful than anything we puny animals can ever control or alter. In essence it is our survival our polluting, greedy ways threaten, not the Earth itself. Within decades of our extinction it would be as if we never existed. In the meantime the more we pour "quarts into pint pots", as we are doing with European mass immigration policies, the more people are vulnerable to the consequences. Simples!

If you can keep dry, warm and safe.

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  1. I do like the picture. If only. Then the EU could decide it was to be a protected wet land. Anyone for a crocodile sanctuary?