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Friday, 21 February 2014

More Untouchables.

From NHS To Climate Mismanagement.

The picture above highlights the secret forecast paid for by us and provided only to a select few. As shown in this "pitiful" effort these people at the Met Office, who claim to be leading experts in the "science" of climate change, formerly known as "man made global warming", were yet again exposed as charlatans.

Sadly, once a member of the inner circle of Quangoland, competence is no longer an issue. As the genocidal boss of the NHS well knows, incompetent and socialist economics, leading to deaths, come last to nepotism and personal wealth.

As with Nicholson, soon to step down with a massive payout and pension, so we have "rainmaker" and daughter of Canute, Dame Julia Slingo. A woman as steeped in her own vacuous self importance as to never deign to visit any other considerations.

Like all such self important individuals nothing ever gets close to bringing them to book. Their very existence, costs us all not just untold billions in wasted and vanity driven management but also lives. Under NHS slavish obsession to put money before people and the Met Office's reliance on useless, flawed and crony supplied computer systems, missing dangerous and life taking floods, we have good cause to feel aggrieved.

Unfortunately the same undemocratic nastiness furthered by the EUSSR meas we are seeing a more accurate forecast of the long term future than anything we get from Dame Slingo. After all ,like so much of our governance today, keeping the EU masters' and their handouts  of our money flowing, you aren't going to produce any science which contradicts these tyrants or might diminish your own personal wealth. Untouchables indeed.

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