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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

More Elephantiasis!

How Small Must The Room Get?

First it's one EUSSR piece of meddling, then another. The elephant in the room is the EUSSR and its attendant faeces in the form of other global quangos, such as WWF, Greenpeace, the UN and IMF. We are now too busy clearing up the spoor from the beast as to have time to query why it's in the room in the first place. Note, too, the people having to shovel the sh*t or bale the pee are not those who welcome the beast's presence but rather get fat on the manure and urea sales.

Not least the EUSSR bought off Mandleson and his mates and Labour Peers. One thing is for certain, the people of the Somerset levels have been well and truly shafted. Even then I suppose they will continue to support the Establishment, regardless, as the waters recede, as these floods surely must.

The next stage of the saga will be the hose pipe bans in July time, no doubt. Mind you we must also bear in mind how fervently the new climate agenda has taken any unusual weather as their own. The phrase de jour, "extreme weather events", which only began very recently, it would seem. Don't let the morons meme be spoiled by this particular paper!

Additionally the mass immigration and sustainability issues go unremarked and swathes of land disappear in housing and new urbanisation. All in the name of "growth". as I pointed out only yesterday, it is the survival of the human race that is threatened by its own stupidity. The Planet and Universe will be just fine as our gnat bite existence fades into nothing.

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