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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Misogyny And The Establishment.

Go Girl!

As present day events unfold and our freedoms get ever more restrictive, I choose today to blog on the undoubtedly fragrant and sexy Mrs Brooks. She began giving evidence today at the same time one of the charges against her was dropped. In that link the word misogyny pops up. Together with the words "old school". No coincidence that.

She also touches on the facts surrounding that pathetic fop of a wimp, Grant. A man found so addled in his own perceived greatness as to need some ugly sex, in several aspects of the phrase, to assuage his "old school;" experiences. An incident which subsequently made Grant some sort of expert on media censorship necessity. Becky is part of an industry as readily exploited by "celebrities" as it is vilified.

I suspect Rebekah's rise to the top of her chosen profession was a good deal harder than Grant's play acting. Certainly it seems likely she worked extremely hard to get to the upper echelons of her chosen career and more than most, deserved a place at the top tables of the Establishment. 

If she used her femininity and sexuality to assist her to make her way, why not? A good many with a silver spoon in the mouth and a propensity to employ other oral related services, have exploited their accidental serendipity. Aka Grant for one! We can even go back to the Sixties to see how sex can sell!

However these heady circles of the upper reaches of dubious morality have their downsides. Not least mixing with ever more recognisable sleazebag credentials such as possessed by the demonic and moronic Tone. If our flame haired temptress flirted with a lovesick looking Camoron, I for one don't blame her one bit. Furthermore I suspect her biography will sell a good deal more copies than any of the men she has seduced, literally or figuratively.

I am also moved to contrast Becky with the Hateful Harman and her dysfunctional perv of a hubby, Dromey. Evidence of their gross behaviour, I doubt just in this instance but suggest there are other forces at play in this power at any price dynasty. Here is a connecting of past and present in a similar manner to my own efforts. Surely we have more evidence against these two unpleasant figures, worthy of condemnation, than that which has put Becky and her media friends in the dock.

When we compare the manner paedophilia has been hidden from public gaze for so very long, I suggest that the present war and propaganda, directed at the press freedoms we all tend to still seek for some semblance of rare truth, is under threat because of the undercurrents of heinous child abuse waiting to erupt into the public domain. 

Were Murdoch or the likes of the delectable red head and one time child of the proletariat be able to reveal some big name figures who, like the Dromy pair, connived to "normalise" perversion, the rape of innocence and abuse of the vulnerable, count me in as a big fan and cheer leader. Don't forget the Dromy Labour Party brought all these people en masse.  Sure the press can be dreadfully intrusive but then so can be the police, social services, politicians and the like. 

At least with the press people can often gain publicity which in turn brings them riches otherwise never to be attained.Of course the establishment consider largess, wealth and power to be their preserve to grant and theirs alone. How spiteful they get when they are sidelined. As I say in my header, "Go Girl". I hope I'm not alone in wanting a few wings clipped at the top of, particularly the political, pyramid. Count in that wish a desire to have some of the precious play actors like Grant humbled, as they deserve from time to time, as they snort and booze their way through life and award ceremonies. 

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