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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Ladies And Gentlemen, Meet The Boss.

Note His Slim Non Fat Cat Credentials.

You can easily note this ghastly creature's qualifications as a smug bar steward from the picture above. Less apparent to the average European serf is his intense love of bullying. So here's a link to this inadequate's comfortable sense of entitlement to be aggressive and his ilks' very core of unelected nastiness.

Like most of our EUSSR political classes he is qualified to tread all over the rest of us as a socialist par excellence. Yet again the reality of our EUSSR ruling cabal in Brussels reflect alliances remarkably similar to those of Hitler and his Axis powers. 

It is endlessly ignored that the very essence of NAZI culture is founded on socialism. As with that regime so we begin to see the manner of bullying employed back then, with horrific consequences, is reflected in Manuel's statements on Switzerland's democratic vote to trim the cretins' EUSSR toe nails.

I doubt we shall ever get out of this Berlin dominated straight jacket. That this guy was once a bookseller harks back to Kristallnacht, when many such enterprises were ransacked and destroyed. As for the UK being permitted a free and democratic referendum, what do you think? Me, not a cat in hell's chance. Just threats and determined unpleasantness led, by our new masters and endorsed by the remnants of our so called Parliament, one of fools for sure.

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