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Friday, 14 February 2014

Labours' Track Record.

In Pictures.

Backed by smug arrogance.   AND     a friendly like minded mad man.

Labour voters welcome their new sink estate neighbours over decades of voting for poverty.

If you are poor be nice to Labour. Make them rich with your slum dwelling legacy of voting Labour.

As a Labour voter do not vote for economic success. Just stay in those ever growing slums.

So there you have it. A broad picture of what the underclass constantly vote for. Not once do they query as to why heir wretched lives get ever more unpleasant. Just fuel the envy, the slovenly adherence to feckless idleness and suck up all that aggression your non-aspirational  ignorance demands. Just don't blame those less desiring of your life style under communism and thieving oligarchs.

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