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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

How To Convert Royalists To Republicans.

Prince Among Charlies.

When an individual is a beneficiary of significant privilege is it not somewhat unfair to use this position, of good fortune and birth, to make disparaging remarks about those not genuflecting to the Royal Stance? I refer to this this speech of just a few days previously.

This immense hereditary status is then employed to fuel a seemingly insatiable appetite for publicity. Hence today's little outing to enjoy the delights of cruising a newly created photo opportunity and more uninformed, ignorant, daft remarks. 

I used the phrase "newly created" based on Charles's slavish love of all things green which have, without much opposition from anyone, helped heap misery on the residents of the Somerset Levels. Redwood touches on the blatant lack of calling to account but even he misses the open goal that is the major driver of actual legislative existence behind this disastrous situation. 

I would ask if our rather spoilt and opinionated Heir To The Throne knows of these superbly researched and written  facts? Yet another badly introduced piece of highlighted slavish adherence to the clowns of Brussels and the EUSSR.

I am and remain a staunch Loyalist and enjoy any occasion when pride and belief in my and my Nation's values are expressed in renditions of the National Anthem. Were I to be still alive when this Prince of Celebrity culture takes the throne, I'm unsure my present emotions would remain the same.  

Not least because my own hours and hours of research, considerations and effort gone into climate and Anthropomorphic global warming have been considered and not, resentfully, that of a "headless chicken". Nor has my interest ever been financed by a whole army of sycophants, Your Highness. People hell bent on nurturing one man's opinion for their own ends.

I would remind those leading, as deservedly as the medals adorning his lapel, that there is as much, if not more, science, supporting alternative views to AGW, as those who embrace much of the fanciful wind farm delusion. Naturally my post will never reach the dizzy heights inhabited by Royalty but on the off chance some might take notice, I will append further links for consideration.

I could go on and on with such links. Naturally it is possible to make representation for the proponents of the greens arguments. However, to label one side with derogatory and offensive remarks because of the stance of the other, gets us nowhere. 

My scepticism is tinged with an acceptance that people are very adept at fouling their own global nest. Litter, lack of regular hygiene and sewage considerations, careless and sloppy building. Particularly the siting of nuclear power stations and mass housing developments, all conspire to produce undesirable habitat. Nevertheless, are we more likely to ruin it for people, more than the Planet itself? Thus bring about our own extinction? Would not our existence give way to a new order of species?  

I suggest this is the fear driving greens and their potential anxieties. Surely a world devoid of privileged, superior and  wealthy individuals, let alone we ordinary mortals, would be a disaster? No more luxury jet travel, big yachts and palaces. What a terrible thought. Particularly if your family depend on such luxurious futures, Your Highness!

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  1. Well said OR - I've always wondered why so many of those, who believe in AGW, spend so much time flying to exotic locations on planet saving junkets - thus leaving a trail of CO2 behind them.

    It's the one reason that confirms my suspicions - I don't believe in AGW because they don't believe it themselves.