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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Globalists And The Rest Of Us.

Establishment Rules But Badly.

"It's not what you know but who you know" goes the old saying. At a time when GPs are querying data sharing of patients' records, we might do well not to know how some might use the opportunity for such exchange of knowledge with those they "know". The article uses the word harvesting". At first thought my inclination was, in many respects, it would be a good thing, thus allowing instant medical consideration and diagnostic avenues for doctors, when presented with a complete stranger in serious need of medical attention.

Unfortunately, as in all aspects of our modern lives, benign  motivation is rarely likely to be the primary force behind the introduction of deep personal information becoming widespread. Advertising intrusion is a nightmare as it is, given further understanding of individuals' vulnerabilities and health could be horrendous.

Then there are the issues with regard to health and other related insurances, such as travel or motor policies. Add to that an NHS, already spoken of as considering discrimination and the certainty of confidentiality looks ever more vulnerable. As is so often the case, economic greed trumps personal privacy every time.

It is with these points I now move to this article. Daily we are fed a mantra by the Establishment which happily hides behind all kinds of secrecy. Paedophiles in high places, bank fraudsters and money launderers retaining huge, ill gotten wealth and escaping jail. Then the politicians and corporates also connive in protecting their own welfare and privacy with the same enthusiasm they invade ours. 

Constantly these people hide behind heavily suppressed secrecy, often paid for by us but without any recourse to ownership. Bliars' likely criminality over Iraq but one instance of how who you know secures wealth beyond measure. I dread how little we ever learn about those who happily would rape our  minds and thoughts for their own advantage.

When debating Snowden and Manning it can, with the issues posted above in mind, be quite difficult not to have serious sympathy for their actions. Equally it becomes even harder to trust, or even want to consider, the outpourings of those with perhaps a little anxiety over their skeletons in cupboards.

A potentially good example as to this matter of trust without evidence surrounds this ghastly chancer. A man probably using billions paid him by America to now buy a seat in the soon to be Al Qaeda loving Taliban Government. Thus we would see billions of dollars and pounds, lives and much bloodshed, swallowed up in secrecy as to how it went all so badly wrong. 

Again, without access to top  secret, face saving evidence, we not only all remain ignorant but also complicit. Never are we allowed chance to question that done ostensibly in our names. Or at least with our money. Suddenly Snowden and Manning really do look heroic and courageous. Certainly more so  than the rich and powerful, craving every bit of invasion into our personal lives. Noe more than the unelected despots in Brussels.

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