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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Deutschland Über Alles.

Call Me Paranoid But Merkel's English Is Perfect.

In this address to her UK member province of her glorious EUSSR, Ange made sure hidden truths were explicit. At least to those with the understanding of her particular brand of the universal language of this dreadful and all powerful, unelected administration which is based in Brussels. An outpost of Berlin. The language is bull sh*t in spades. Let me offer you some translation or alternative meaning to the performance.

In excellent English she thanked all those  from Britain, who died in two world wars, both kicked off by her very own ancestors, in the main. However I detected a degree of smugness that here was she, all powerful and influential, speaking to the gathered weaklings of modern Britain's political class. I thought her gratitude was squarely aimed at how obstacles to a modern Fourth Reich, based on economic blitzkrieg, was better than the more obviously adversarial use of Panzer divisions.

As if to drive home her message she then chose to revert to German. A nice little touch to rub salt in all the remaining wounds of some seven decades of peace "winning" tactics, which now leave Germany back as the most powerful economic power in Europe. A power, furthermore, ably underpinned and funded by her former enemy neighbour and one once more a seemingly isolated Nation, in the Germanic model for a Europe controlled and dominated by a German supremacy. She pushed home very subtly, "you won the war but we won the peace". They all nodded along with the midget Bercow. What an embarrassment.

Our Frau sounded so benign but the reality was stark. You will not be permitted to leave or change anything we, Germany, wish to remain intact. Such are the binding treaties already signed up to. Her statement that war between any of the EUSSR States was no longer ever again to happen was also a veiled threat. What she meant was if The UK were to leave, such a guarantee would no longer apply!

Of course, behind the scenes our political modern day appeasers will have endorsed Angie's "no more war" rhetoric in her speech. Spooky how Chamberlain's demeanor is very similar to The Boy's of today. I suspect not one of those gathered to entertain our great Führerin's lecture speech had a clue as to how their assembly was being quietly mocked for the facade it was. No doubt none of them recalled the manner people were herded by her forefathers into what they, the victims, were led to believe were communal showers.

I appreciate the bleeding heart intellectuals will likewise dismiss my words and thoughts as "paranoia". Yet all I believe I'm thinking is how history repeats itself. Albeit often disguised as modernity. Remember Tone's "New Labour"? Still wrecked our economy, NHS and education system in the same old habitual manner of socialism. 

I am certain that, however long it may take, the EUSSR will go to war among its people and provinces. Events will arise no one will foresee. Just as with the Ukrainian problems of today, something somewhere will erupt. For example the flight of capital from Europe goes on remorselessly and Merkel's filling the holes cannot last indefinitely without a demand for reparations. A demand already bubbling nicely among the German classes aware of it. People in the know, as to how much Draghi relies heavily on German wealth to prop up ailing Nations, such as Greece, fear the future. 

So should we all be fearful, when diplomacy can't recover "stolen goods".  If not in her lifetime Merkel's statement that war among European Nations is no longer, or never likely, to occur, ever again, will be seen to have been a reckless one. Never say never, Frau Merkel. Your history suggests such language as inadvisable. Nevertheless, German might well be a sensible addition to the UK's educational curriculum. You might then get a job at Westminster speech writing!


  1. Beautifully summed up if I may say so...

  2. The Blocked Dwarf27 February 2014 at 19:49

    Her English should be good, she spends a fair amount of time here (for those who don't know, her husband is a Cambridge don)nothing sinister about it-except the fact you might bump into her in Grantchester Waitrose. Also it never ceases to amuse me how the Brits (and the Greeks-surely the Rent Boyz Of Europe) think of her in terms of Hitler/The War/3rd Reich. Most Germans consider her a bit wishy washy, a bit too liberal...a bit too 'motherly'. She's actually about as far from being a fascist as you'd expect a victim of the soviet regime/Child Of The DDR to be. Thing is though she is passionate about the EU-I mean REALLY passionate-about the only time she cracks a smile on that 'Churchill Dog' face. OH YES!

  3. '...the gathered weaklings of modern Britain's political class.' Beautiful - & deadly accurate.

  4. I like to remind people that many Saxons and others from Germania arrived in Britannia as either Auxiliaries in the Roman Army or as traders from the Rhine and Elbe areas in that era. As time went on more and more arrived, especially after the Romans left. Merkel is just the latest in a long line of mercenaries.

  5. Damn krauts, at your feet or at your throat.