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Friday, 7 February 2014

Cream Rarely Rises To The Top In Politics.

A Perfect Example.

This person, hardly fit for purpose on so many levels, epitomises why our Nation and culture is so devoid of excellence. A lightweight quangocrat but all round fat cat in life style, privilege and appearance. How this man inhabits countless "jobs" and warrants a five figure, two or three day week sinecure as "chairman" of The Environment Body is just downright pathetic. A cowardly visit,  kept secret as long as he could.

As for giving up this pointless title and non-job, why should he? he needs every penny he can get, pension entitlements and luxury so deserved in his mind but so tragic for the rest of us. he is the soft underbelly personified of a society which tolerates EUSSR cretinous government and the plethora of weak and undesirable pygmies such as Mandleson et al. They hardly make me proud to be British or English.

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