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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Corruption And Hypocrisy.

The Prevalence Of Evil.

A parade of the Marxist millionaires kicks off my post today. McCluskey, fondled and fawned over by Pienar, in the link and Crow parading his gangster like torso credentials, on a £10k, paid for by members, sojourn to sunny climes. If ever hypocrisy was to be made flesh, vast amounts at that, this ugly pair must surely rank as world class winners. like all the upper echelons of our society in modern times, this pair must surely be every bit part of a culture of greed by any means that typifies nastiness and thuggery.

Yet when we peer at our"peers" the biggest reflection through the looking glass is the shadow cast by modern evil and corruption. The EUSSR is very much part of such demonstrable horror but not alone. Money laundering pervades sport such as F1 and soccer. All taking a leaf out of Drug Cartel run banks.

As for perceived authority, our police forces are now part of this obscenity of corruption. For most of us this nastiness and violence goes unnoticed unless we are unfortunate enough to fall foul of these people. It might be at a sophisticated, sic, party or golf club soiree, an F1 paddock or Premiership VIP lounge. In a first class luxury aircraft cabin, anywhere. yet be sure of this. Look at such individuals the wrong way, challenge their tactics of embarrass them and a painful retribution could be yours at any time.

Such is the wealth and power such types wield that even our political and governing classes are in thrall or in fear, or both, to their clutches. Union barons are also nifty bosses of cash generating subscriptions, quite capable of manufacturing receipts from fictitious members. As with sporting stadia receipts. Things such as the Co-Op Bank failure might well have come about if debts and markers were called in by nefarious "bond holders".

If we consider the way Snot Gobbler Brown, Bliar and their socialist, idiot, dogma ridden followers mixed with bankers and City "slickers" plus similar flirtations now evident from the other two Parties, we can be pretty sure that a significant slice of gangster funded activity goes to the very top. Along the way, this endemic and sleazy behaviour evolves into a sense of entitled normality. 

Thus, as the nastiness gets ever more indulgent, murder, torture, rape and the sexual abuse of children, young women and boys become an acceptable part of a corrupt and debauched society. God help those unwittingly caught up in all this fear and depravity. People tortured beyond imagination, killed for little reason or left drug addled and comatose by our brave new world.

As for a solution. Who knows. Maybe,just maybe, a brave vigilante movement,  inspired by the horrific slaying of the courageous and heroic such as Maria Santos Gorrostieta. One thing gangsters aspire to is such standing in communities their ignorant cruelty denies them. Brutality confronted and morally defeated by sheer decency. We can but hope.

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