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Monday, 6 January 2014

Will Labour Cooperate?

I Very Much Doubt It.

This news today should give McCluskey and Milibad The Mad, cause for reflection and possibly implication. I certainly suspect Labour and the Unions' use of the CoOp bank as their personal piggy slot of choice, for emptying, will get not get  investigated but I live in hope.

If we recall Labour in Powers' cavalier approach to tax payers' hard earnt taxation theft and their own paucity of competence with their own finances, let alone the ease with which they secured millions in loans from this bank, can we have any faith their dubious behaviour would change when ensconced back in power? For all their faults, give me Tory management any day.

Indeed Osborne's warnings of today about the further cuts savings to be necessary highlight the long drawn out hangover from Liam Byrne's "No money left" note. One which he subsequently and pathetically claimed was a joke, adding at interview,  "Labour had always been a Party of fiscal discipline". Again illustrating the delusion behind Labours' economic belief in their actual implementation! 

This delusion of Labour's isn't confined to Byrne. A little and rather smug bar steward but one which typifies the Socialist mindset when given unwarranted promotion. This ghastly type of character has much in common with the likes of Milibad The Vlad and Balls The Impaler of truth and decency!  Let us all bear in mind with some sense what those clowns did to all of us, rich and poor, when last given the keys to Government.

Much of the bile we have had to endure since 2010 can be placed at the doors of Bliar and Gordon The Mad. Sure I feel strongly we have pursued their behaviour too enthusiastically, particularly in Afghanistan but at least the daily pain of Socialist incompetent excrement has been modified and less frequent. Say weekly rather than daily! 

2015 will finally tell us if the sheeples really are more intelligent than history suggests. I do hope so and that the socialist flagship, or should I say slave-ship, that is The EUSSR vessel, is also grounded! Only time will tell.

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