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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Why I Detest Socialists.

Hypocritical Beyond Measure.

Fist up this cretinous destroyer of an industry and dancer on a great old Lady's grave. A man steeped in chip on the shoulder envy but still capable of grasping at undeserved wealth and the riches he professes to despise in those of us who aspired, often successfully to do well. A cretin happy to feast off the grit and hardships of his underground members and equally as happy to plunder their assets in the cause of his own hypocritical greed.

Strangely this is a trait in all socialists. Be they the Balls or Milibads of this world. The Kinnocks and the Bliars, it is of no matter. All still garner the votes of those too stupid to see what stares them in the face. Too dumb to notice the manner their lives remain stuck in the detritus of sink estates and "Benefit Streets", nurtured and expanded under socialist incompetence in all they do, except for their own advancement. 

Second up as purveyor of hypocrisy and high living for himself is also a Union Baron, every bit as qualified to enter the hypocrite of the century, Bob Crow. Well named indeed, as he offers up two fingers to families in need of subsidised housing, whilst crowing of his own invincibility to shame and hypocrisy, writ large.

We have many decades of these people and their hubristic nature. People prattling on how much their socialist doctrine has done for the poor downtrodden workers, whilst happily bathing in the milk of their superiority. Is there one more odious than the other? Probably not but this creature is a possibility!

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  1. During the miners strike he moved from his small ordinary bungalow to a much larger detached executive property in a prime location, never mind the Barbican facility. There were a small number of others who did well out of the strike.