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Thursday, 9 January 2014

When You Give The Trailer Trash Credibility.

It Goes out The Window.

I was most taken with the news of Saint Augustus Duggan and his Lawrence like potential beatification. Rather marred by the antics and aggressive posturing post the Coroner Jury's verdict. People then needing to flee from the violent potential that these clowns, "crying" for justice, as if the Jury was somehow rigged, might lean towards. That propensity reigned, in presumably for the possible tilt at notoriety fame so readily offered minority causes these days.

It would have been more likely that "nobbling" would have indicated interference, rather than than otherwise. As for justice, for once a violent and strutting thug and his likely career of fear and terror over decades, has been curtailed terminally. Of course there will be a legion of such types ready to step in and take over. It's how this multi-culturism works, innit? 

As if this lot weren't enough to occupy our thoughts and horror at Labours' and other political figures have engendered as part of a destructive policy of mass immigration, such as this kind of factor, C4 chose to enlighten us all as to yet another peek at our joyous back streets and "communities". As if we would be surprised at what is now commonplace in our towns and cities. No politicians to be found on this turf. 

Well done Establishment. Back to your Cotswold retreats and Brussels luxury, whilst being careful not to tread in the "ess aitch one tee" you consign most of us to having to watch negotiating. Especially in A&E Departments.

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