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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

We Are All Slaves To The Leftie Faux Angst.

Yet Another Biased Guilt Trip.

Never mind the past. The furore and lefty, orgasmic drooling over "12 Years A Slave" is but another bit of Western self flagellation, which conveniently ignores the people who, against huge odds, wiped it out as a major industry in the Western World. That it still thrives today, especially in Africa, (quelle suprise) goes unmentioned in the lexicon of "whitey bad and evil, their counterparts, to a Duggan, nought but blessed saints".

The talking shop that is the EUSSR does its usual hand wringing, whilst allowing its sacred cow that is Schengen to continue unabated. A border-less and ridiculous policy, which does little to help fight the traffickers becoming filthy rich on the back of human misery, child sex abuse and the rape of so many European women, mostly white. One has to wonder if this latter fact is yet another nod in the direction of positive discrimination against all but coloured races?

Whatever the circumstances, it really is time slavery of all kinds should be correctly identified as a behaviour every bit as commonplace as that so well documented from European colonial times. Not least the prevalence today of the criminal exploitation, endemic in all cultures, to turn sex and human beings, the younger the better, into play things for the paedophile tendencies so frequently found in the upper echelons of debauched power.

My final commentary, therefore is this. The recent film mentioned earlier, is nothing but a continuation of the need for a cudgel to beat present day hereditary beneficiaries of the slave trade, so heavily nurtured by those with a racist agenda. Regardless of the myth, perpetuated by Lee Jasper and the likes of Diane Flabbot, any unpleasant or downright nasty remarks referring to an individuals colour and origin is racist. Much as it cannot be argued that all coloured people are beautiful and whites ugly. For starters the two mentioned prove my point on both counts!

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