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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Unelected Popinjays.

Ghastly Event.

This pair of poseurs and unelected cretins decided that they would play Presidential roles today by holding a Russian-EUSSR "summit". Listening and watching them "strutting and fretting on the stage" and the manner they portrayed themselves as our leaders was nauseating.

If ever we needed a reminder that our sovereign independence is no more, this posturing today is evidence. What a terrible sensation. One the occupied countries of the second world war must have felt. At least back then we had loyal and staunch politicians not prepared to surrender without a fight. Now the present day, self seeking children have handed everything over to a socialist project every bit as likely to turn nasty as it did with the USSR.

The whole "summit" was presented as if it were a USA-Russian meeting. Weep for the Nations now subjugated to a Commission which has stealthily become little more than a dictatorial Commissariat. If I were a Ukrainian I would not wish to join this undemocratic Dictatorship. Better a Russian partner than a EUSSR lackey and bankers' toy. What a powerful figure Putin struck alongside this nasty and creepy pair. 

For example Putin quietly reminded Laurel and Hardy how much they, The Ukraine owes Russia in energy debt. Also a nudge to the reliance of the EUSSR kids that they too might consider their own energy reliance and debt in addition to the shadow of Islamic terrorism tolerated by Brussels hierarchies. 

Ironic we now, in the UK and other EUSSR ruled States, have only Putin and Russia capable of shredding the German dominated Western Europe. One in the image of that occupation, done by fear and force, of  the 1940s. As for this farce of a "summit". Vlad has more or less told our pair of incompetents to "f**k off"! Interesting times, as they say! Will this failure make headlines in Europe? Don't hold your breath.

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