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Monday, 27 January 2014



Not only do we face EUSSR expensive and probably already rigged elections this coming May. Barely a year later will be the opportunity for our multi cultural trailer trash morons to bring back their labour wrecking parties to "equalise" us all in poverty, debt and mayhem, yet further.

When, during the mid/late eighties, we looked to be making progress, in lifting the cannon fodder of the Left's life styles and aspirations, it was yet again squandered to the siren songs of a "modernising", socialist's grotesque game of opportunism. One which feathered the nests of its proponents such as the faux socialist Bliars but left a scorched earth economy behind, after 13 years of destruction and devastating war in places we had no sense in fighting.

Unfortunately our political class have not only failed to up their game they have, under the present tripartite coven of Milibad, Camoron and Calamitous Clegg, perpetuated all that we, as an electorate, have come to despise. As erstwhile leaders these clowns  have each selected teams of such abysmal talent as to include Testicles Bully Boy, Cable the Closet Socialist and Hunt The Health Privateer. Just three among a host of talentless, career, self seeking, greed-mongers.

Add to this dreadful parade of cretinous imbeciles the scheming, conniving office politics obsessed, Senior and in many cases junior, Civil Servants and what hope is there of ever getting this Country back on its feet?What hope a nation able to stand tall and independent, as was possible in the 1950s and 60s?

The ignorance of the electorate is now a given, as far as our politicians are concerned. Dulled into submission by the promises of ever more comfort food and consumer stockpiling. Too dim to notice the new pension scheme, eventually to become compulsory . A new National Insurance, introduced to camouflage the manner the old was amalgamated into general taxation to fund lavish spending doomed to failure. Typical modern and EUSSR style sleight of hand.

So there's a small taste of a massive, rancid pie, that represents modern UK politics. One could compile a whole tract outlining such practices and deceits. Getting a brainwashed electorate to actually realise the nasty taste of these broken promises, fictional manifestos and utter untruths from those who would be Stalinists seems unlikely.

I am minded by a "World at War" episode with regard to the Netherlands' acceptance of German occupation. An acceptance manipulated by promises and offers of a wonderful new European order, influenced by the jointly assured implication that both Countries were kindred, Germanic spirits. Look how that turned out.

Of course this brave new order is resurrected today with the thinly veiled "Germanic" covering referred to, presently, as "Europe". Once the Federation is in place we can expect a further influential propaganda drive, backed by a "crisis management force". All of these implications firmly a matter of reality as, subconsciously or consciously, Germany once again seeks domination of the Continent and its near Islands.  Most of our UK political and governing class are as those found in the film above. All of them traitors. As the post title states, most unedifying.

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