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Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Reporting Of The Syrian Conflict Falls Out Of Fashion.

Media Puerility. 

"I can do anything I like."

Were this analysis to be considered and reported on, in The West, it would have significant importance, for those with half a brain, to discuss. Since our MSM clowns lack such intelligence and are lazy beyond belief when intellectual issues arise, we must always search anywhere but where we are prompted or even led by the nose, to go.

Since Hague the Vague and his pathetic army of Foreign Office, unworthy officials, backed the wrong side, their failure and input, of profound incompetent insignificance, must never be understood by we who fund such devastating stupidity. Unfortunately this paucity of sense and reality is to cbe found throughout the ever increasing decadence and corruption of our institutions on both sides of the "pond" and ever more glaringly so in Europe.  

The disgraceful crowding, to the vaulted ceilings of The House of Lords, is a further glaring example of how we are so duped and fooled. Not least when we consider that many of those Kiddyfiddler Mandy types are pensioners and blow ins for the EUSSR Commissars in Brussels. Their nastiness and arrogance over a referendum, bill which is plainly one of Camoron's kicks into the very, very long grass, beggars belief.

What an odious, corrupt creep this man is.  He and his ilk, throughout the whole of the EUSSR are really the lowest and most immoral creeps. Sadly so many get away with murder with our tame media to scared to seek the retribution these ghastly people deserve. 

By the same token this same ineffectual and idle media types, especially the BBC, continue to deny us the true nature of our enslavement, well advanced, to the German dominated Federal European State. Camoron's subterfuge and sleights of hand go rarely exposed unless we search and adhere to the greater truths to be discovered over the internet. For lucidity and a genuine grasp of the real EUSSR and its yoke, bookmark Richard's site. Most of that which you will learn here is factual and unadulterated. Unlike those corrupt types such as Hollande! At least he's "straight"!

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