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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

So Much Up In Smoke!

Austerity Didn't Clash With Firework Manufacturers' Needs!

Should the fireworks in Syria and elsewhere be enough? Not only that, as cities from Auckland to London indulged their sheeples with these displays, those watching on TV were regaled with "Give just three pounds a month to the charity Bosses to save a child's life". Still, London can look forward to a million extra spectators next time round. Especially the rich pockets to be picked and the homeless Romas seeking benefits.

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  1. Your thinking is very similar to mine: nice firework displays all around the world, though rather strange that there were no protests at the huge amount of toxins pumped into the atmosphere.

    I wonder who paid for all that money to go up in smoke. What are the odds that it was the tax-payers?

    Radical Rodent