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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Protected Paedophiles.

Where Are The Politicians Or Policemen?

John Ward today puts out a "cri de coeur" much of which I agree with and understand. However even he cannot know the full scale of the abuse he dismisses with fairly nebulous argument when one considers the scale of the present accusations. Just one example of such is the anonymity of the majority of the accusers. Another is the idea that somehow "celebrity culture" is an issue with which to drive publicity and produce smoke screens.

The post is like so many at the Slog. A sense of superior understanding of complex issues, which in turn justify the rants and the scathing judgmental aggression against any counter arguments from this source. Be it economics or politics, John wields a disgruntled axe with fervour at all and sundry. Gloom and Armageddon the awaited pinnacle of his "I told you so" ravings.

As someone for whom this subject of abuse is more than prurient or detached I am in agreement that such abusers dwell in a protected world wherebye power is the precursor to total indulgence and depravity. Power which comes in many forms. For a small nation, overwhelmed by penurious and peasant horde dominated immigration, that power resides in the application of "positive discrimination",  an oxymoron if ever there was one.

Add to the racist nature of Muslim gangs, in their choice of victims to humiliate, the destruction of any moral education and discipline in the host Nation and Sodom and Gomorrah is primed perfectly. An environment in which law enforcement and political connivance are unseemly bedfellows. All happily comfortable in the ivory towers of untouchable elevation.

If, as is happening right now, minor and or celebrity players are being trotted forth as  sacrificial lambs to the diversionary requirement to deflect anger and suspicion elsewhere, I doubt any of us can do much to change this situation. Only the victims themselves can point the finger. if their accused are so powerful as to have such sway as to belittle and even quieten their accusers, what can be done? 

All I can say is whilst there is life, there is hope. Maybe one day one of these bar stewards will be found with a "mate's" child, in ghastly flagrante, to an extent cover up will fail. That or the likes of Murdoch will find cause to give up his grip on them all. That is unless he, too, has issues not destined for cannon fodder knowledge of it all.

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