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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Nuclear Fall Out.

Anybody There?

Radioactive steam drifts upwards into the atmosphere yet seemingly all is well and the pretty white smoke just another day in down town Fukushima! If ever a place was aptly names surely this is one? I marvel at the
MSM and their PTB bosses who continue to turn a blind eye to this disaster overtaking the Pacific basin.

When you are miffed at being blamed for all the ills of the world, climate change, starvation and poverty, to name but a few, consider how those in power have and continue to abuse us all by watching this horrific firework display of a magnitude to shame the mangy efforts of the night before last. Also remember the most recent "test" was by that psychopath in North Korea. 

Now if we consider our dabbling with nature produces the capability of such explosive might, it is only fair to suggest that herein lie more likely culprits for the annihilation of the planet, than my or your humble central heating. Indeed, whilst we fork our ever more exorbitant taxes, to be spent on further nuclear investment in energy and weaponry, useless windmills of Don Quixote fictional nonsensical creation and deny ourselves the use of fossil fuels, before we are all blown to Kingdom come, can't we at least divest ourselves of constant guilt and paranoia?

Whatever, let us stop, pause and consider what is really happening. The Pacific is being forced to absorb huge quantities of radio active contaminated water from the Fukushima reactor met downs. Fish and sea food harvests, together with those on land, are being genetically modified but not by design but by accident. The Health and Safety industry input has been suspended. At least for these unfortunates. No EU migration happening there!   

Meanwhile those in the know are looking to stockpile useful products, no doubt for the chosen few. So maybe our perceived population growth is nature's awareness in looking to ensure a handful might survive our enforced lunacy. One thing we can be sure of,  globalisation will be the biggest casualty, as plots and devious manipulation of us all are blown to smithereens by their own petard! it might well be that Fukushima will be the death of most if not all of us at some point in time. In a similar manner to the fall out secrecy of Chernobyl. Another disaster likely to be killing millions but oh so very quietly. Not my first foray into this, of course.

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  1. What is a concern is how little attention or interest is shown by the main media and related into this and what is happening. There are some web sources but you have to look for them. This is possibly a disaster that has only just begun to unfold.