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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Marr Still Jars.

Ugly Of Character And Appearance.

I really do try to be a decent person. However the manner in which this epitome of the BBC, in behaviour and appearance, conducts his Sunday morning presentations, leaves me furious. I do not make a habit of watching this travesty of purported political commentary for the very reason this guy's jug eared smugness and unmitigated chatterati, lefty, smugness, drives me witless.

His unabashed Tory bashing, not always deserved by a long shot, certainly when compared to the scorched earth recent history of Labour's time in Office, is such a turn off. This morning was just more of the same shuddering and shocking left wing stupidity, dressed as kind and caring socialism, in all its brutality. 

Take the presence of Lammy for a starter. All the boxes ticked there. An ethnic face that mirrors the infantile, scowling racism of Flabbot and other black political and "community" figures. He's allowed to sit there, with Marr gurning his even more stroke inflicted grimaces at the feet of an omnipotent ethnic "leader", as he, Lammy, writhed with duplicitous electioneering, over the death of the gangster, Duggan.

Then we were treated to the rehearsed and self important, perceived gravitas, of Straw. Now a most important, in his own eyes, "grandee" big beast. A persona which flies in the face of the total incompetence employed when in power. This stance, ignorant to the extreme, like so many such poseurs, included mass immigration but which was never to the fore when the high life, limousines and sense of entitlement as a minister, were at stake.

Which factors bring me to that other child of our political times, Clegg The Pathetic. He was trotted onto the set to be gently teased by Marr The Merciless, not. No, Marr's job was to nudge our Nick into telling us all this referendum talk was all so damaging to the UK business investment. Marr encouraged, almost salivating, his guest to relish publicly an affair, outside his present Cobbleition marriage, with Balls (Up) and Labour. A further behind the scenes nurturing of the Corporate rapists of global governance ambition.

This, bear in mind, will be the global Common Purpose lot. A bunch of wankers bankers and "investors" who just a few years ago destroyed, almost totally, the lives of millions of pensioners, bond holders and ordinary folk this Ass claims to support. Do they ever listen to their electioneering rubbish? The Goldman Sachs, JP Morgans et al, for whom the EUSSR is a superb vehicle for promoting their greed and avaricious designs are the ones guilty of so much hardship to the rest of us patronised, "ordinary" folk.

Of course, Clegg is dipped in the EUSSR culture of selfish, know all smugness. It's the birthplace of his and many like him, for whom wealth and privilege is built on promoting the misery of ordinary folk, as a cause celebre, which in reality is a cause for self promotion. 

Over decades of this wonderful EUSSR development how many poor folk have been lifted up? How many sink estates replaced with tree lined avenues and decent housing? How many Greeks now revel in this mighty powerhouse of investment and wealth? How many garden sheds have been replaced by glorious abodes fit for the mass of new benefit claimant migrants from across the Globe? Not as many, proportionally, like Clegg, who have garnered enormous wealth on the back of this evil Empire.

Yes, this LibDum liberalism is but a smiley mask, hiding levels of socialist greed for power and influence as mighty as anything chased by Hitler or Stalin. Is there any intelligent and bright citizen out there who would not sympathise with the phrase "a plague on all their houses"? Our beloved, corrupt, child abusing types at the BBC would have us lectured by the likes of Marr and Co, that there are no such believers in those "plagues". How wrong can they be? 

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