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Saturday, 4 January 2014

I'm Not A Betting Man But...

I Doubt Karzai Will Still Be In Afghanistan After 2014!

Sometimes the utterances of our so called officials and purported Governments beggar belief. One such was Camoron's "Mission accomplished". Is this an example of such achievement? 

The same kind of delusional or deliberate public displays of rubbish and stupidity, I know not which adjective is the more accurate, are made by the hopeful to be recipients of the millions showered on the charlatans of the "Climate Change" hopeful pygmies. Turney comes over as a typical hopeful without the ability to recognise his puerile capabilities as shown in this article. 

Yet this clown's access to the upper echelons, desperate for non existent proof, like the non existent warming, will probably be assured on the back of publicity. Even though it's of the "bad" kind!  Already he might well have been the beneficiary of huge public money for his undeserved rescue, let alone for the doomed expedition itself.

Unlike this cheeky chappie, Turney, Karzai is of a more serious kind insomuch he's already in the race to become one of the richest yet most crooked of  recent times. Unless the Taliban get him before he disappears with a mega percentage of his Country's wealth. His preferred destination might well be the same as that of the the Saudi Royal Family, already ensconced in the sunspots of Europe. 

As for Afghanistan, the next Iran, I suppose. Decades of US backed indifference followed by rapprochement as and when financial bribes interests kick in. That or Al Qaeda  return to their spiritual home and begin hoarding uranium materials mined by Taliban workers! 

Such a merry go round of corruption and selfish ends always prosecuted at the rest of the world's people and resources. Not once do we hear condemnation or genuine disgust at what a mess it all is. I guess unlike Nero, it will be the Planet itself burning, not Rome. That will definitely be down to human button pressing!

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