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Friday, 17 January 2014

Guns Are For Unelected Commissars Only.

EUSSR Military Tactics Getting More Obvious.

UK surrender monkeys  deeply entrenched in the Quisling ranks of our political and civil service enclaves didn't expect a reprimand from a pro-EUSSR Obama Administration but they got it. For years the EUSSR has been quietly putting together their eclectic armed services drawn from many different places and cultures. This bunch but one of many initiatives. 

Here is another such signal for how some wish the future of EUSSR forces to be financed. Furthermore it is blatantly obvious how the silence by Germany on such matters underlines to whom the biggest advantage might accrue. One might even argue that as they used the Spanish Civil War for training purposes, so the EU flag enables unquestioned other work outs in the modern age.

However one looks at the present day European scenario, none of it carries any powerful sense of democracy or will of the people to be subjugated. Like all of the Federal cloak and dagger ambition, driven by Germany, through the cudgel of economic diktat, it all goes on in the background and with a deep sense of secrecy and undeclared ambition. America might do well to consider the loss of NATO and the strategic fallout that would create.

One might consider that the recent comments, as to the paucity of Britain's military clout and capability to support the US in the future, is a sudden awareness of how much harder working with an EUSSR disparate military would be. If it's not a reason behind the remarks then it should be. This cosy and softly spoken EUSSR is little more than a remake of 1930s Europe. Every bit as socialistic and unpleasant as the National Socialists of the Third Reich! Or to use their more common monica, Nazis.

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