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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Facts Of Life.

A Lesson For Dullards And The Uncivilised.

       These are soldiers. 

      These are barbaric murderers.  
      Soldier? I think not.  Real soldiers fight head on, both armed and both sides pitched in battle. Foes recognised by badge and intent. This, of course, is not the Islamic way. Nope, check out Syria for starters. Brutal and utterly tribal is their excuse for genocidal action against supposedly their "brothers". Mind you, I guess if this cretin and his ilk continue to overrun and overpopulate The British Isles, we, too, may well be forced to adopt the savagery and methods it took us hundreds of years to try and move away from.

Centuries of relatively decent and dare I say, Christian, development has been systematically wrecked in the pursuit of a Stalinist society ruled by despots full of the dogma of hate and envy. The Storm Troopers of this decay are of course to be found in the ghastly ranks of the Trade Union and Labour Party hypocrites. People every bit as determined as Hitlers' to hold power, with fear and tyranny, hitherto unimagined in Britain.

Every politician who has ever banged on or worse, as in Labours' case, wished to rub peoples' noses in multi culturalism , should hang their heads in shame. One day the mayhem and atrocious ghetto violence will reach the wealthy pickings of the political middle class refuge, in the wealthy suburbs. Then we'll see the reality dawn as their homes and families are forced to witness the squalor this mass immigration engenders. 

Then Red Ed's and his sidekick, Balls The Infallible's present day vacuous inability to recognise what is causing their beloved cost of living crisis  is a price with little to do with day to day budgets. The real crisis is in the ever evolving undercurrents of murderous intent they have built on these shores.



  1. I wish to point out something OR. To the right, you have a banner which reads, "Labour wrecked the economy once - and they'd do it again with more spending, more borrowing and more taxes."

    Whilst I do not disagree with the above, I, and I am sure your good self, can well remember the 1979 'Winter of Discontent' and having to go the IMF for money because we were broke.

    So it is TWICE that they have smashed this Nation, and yet we stand on the precipice where we may allow them a third, and perhaps final, go.

    Idiocy reigns supreme in the land.

  2. "Idiocy reigns supreme in the land."
    Mr Morden, it does, it does. Plus we have imported a great deal more.

  3. I suppose what gets as much to me is how did things get ever to this...

    how did Bliar ever get elected in the first place, what on earth were people thinking when they voted for nu labour and, turkey like for their very own Christmas, did they vote for the few miserable (borrowed) pennies him and snotty put in their back pockets for no bloody work, or bribes to breed kids whilst the state picked up the tab and brainwashed the little sods to repeat the process.

    The only good thing about the state of the country is that those who voted for it got exactly what they voted for.

    And those they voted for can enjoy the fruits of their treachery in due course.

    Britain is a pint pot and they've forced a quart in and still rising, eventually those who sold the country, and their children and their childrens children will be living in the living hell they have created, he same hell those who voted for them are now living.

    There is some justice after all.