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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Dee Dums.

Poor Little Chaps!

This article caused me not a little mirth. How it can be taken seriously beggars belief. When we consider the "baby boom" wringing of hands at how lucky we all were, little mention is made of the days of rationing, poor housing and hardships aplenty.

Unlike the namby pamby brigade of socialist influence, screaming their way into the world in the late 1970s onwards, previous generations, post war, just got on with life. The attitudes of conservative self reliance and educated sense of responsibility were teased out of the thumb sucking, clubbing, boozing and drug addled crowd of spoilt brats of late.

The socialists' and subsequent political and corporate influences made consumerism and greed the raison d'etre for proletariat existence. To push this agenda a sense of self entitlement was injected. Advertising claiming that they were "all worth it." Worth squat diddly, sadly. The same attitude that Government would provide all and just a cross in  preferred candidates' boxes was all that was necessary to receive huge largess.

If you screwed around and got pregnant, why, a super house would be provided and the cash to go with it. Unfortunately, this unrealistic and stupid approach to society and social engineering, failed dismally and an almighty crash ensued. Trouble is and remains, all that flotsam and pathetic jetsam of, particularly male, thumb suckers, still require a roof over their heads. So Mum and dad are the easy touches, reaping big time, metaphorically and in reality, all that they sowed. 

The idea that parents, incapable of rearing successful adults are now saddled with their own inadequates, is a hoot. Anybody with a bit of sense will long have realised this was inevitable. Decades of flip flop government, each one worse than the previous, are now showing up the failings of post war Britain and The West. Good old fashioned hard work, determination and self reliance are the triplets tossed out with the bathwater. Serves them right!

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